In Memory

Michael Gucfa

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05/25/17 05:31 PM #1    

Michael John Worczak

Like and I both drove MGAs, mine was a hardtop and his a convertible. I believe he was killed in it in a crash while still in West.

05/26/17 10:55 AM #2    

Robert Andrew Stresak

If I remember correctly, Mike was involved in a collision on Grand Island.  He was transported to Kenmore Mercy.  Mike Anderson  (John) and I went to see him at the hospital that Sunday morning.  He passed shortly after.  I believe he was driving his 1959 Impala at the time.  I will never forget the agony on his parent's faces.  He was a good friend.  Great dry sense of humor and remains missed.


05/26/17 02:04 PM #3    

Michael John Worczak

Thanks for clearing that up. I know he also had an MGA. 


05/27/17 03:16 PM #4    

Gary Diem


MIke did have an MG but it was not an A it was a British racing green MGB which I bought from him around 1968 and kept until 1970.  I was saddened to learn  of his passing in an auto accident at such a young age. Didn't really know him that well but he seemed to be a really nice guy.

05/27/17 06:55 PM #5    

Michael John Worczak

Yes. Thanks for jarring the memory.. I didn't know him too well either.

05/29/17 12:15 PM #6    

Daniel Mathias

I believe that Michael Gucfa was killed when he lost control of his car in May1967 shortly before graduation. The car hit a tree on Meadow Road near Middlesex in Buffalo. .

05/29/17 06:06 PM #7    

Michael John Worczak

Yes. I remember something about Middlesex. Did he hit a tree? Our memories are fallible. Thanks for the jog.

05/29/17 06:43 PM #8    

Michael John Worczak

We should all be patient with our memories and our abilities to bring things back with greater accuracy, but I think I remember being at the accident scene on Middlesex. I recall there was a bar on Grand Island called the Edgewater and kids were always getting into bad wrecks coming home from there. The drinking age being 18 and them selling bottles of beer for a quarter on Thursdays was a bad combo, for sure.

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